Questions About Your Homeowners Association

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  • What is a homeowners' association and what is its purpose?

  • What is the Board of Directors and what do they do?

  • What are the deed restrictions and do I have to abide by them?

  • When does the association hold meetings?

  • What do my dues pay for?

  • Do I need approval to make exterior improvements to my property?

  • What if I make changes to my property without ACC approval?

  • If I get a building permit from the city, do I still need ACC approval?

  • If the ACC approves a modification for my neighbor, can I assume that the same modification will be approved for me?

  • Who do I call to report problems in the community?

Waste and Recycle Collection Schedules

Title Type Author Date Size Tags
2024-TRASH-SCHEDULES-for-Kaufman-Co-MUD-District-5-6-7-ETJs .pdf Travis Ranch HOA April 09, 2024 3.46 MB Download
RS-436194-KaufmanCounty_ServiceGuide_2023_6x9_Ferguson_v2 .pdf Travis Ranch HOA July 20, 2023 260.52 KB Download
2023 Re-Route Maps Calendar for Kaufman MUDs 5-6-7_Republic Services_07.10.23 .pdf Travis Ranch HOA July 20, 2023 200.54 KB Download

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